Pancreas Stable Tablet
  Pancreas Stable Granule
  Longgexinxue Tablet
  Medlar Jinghua Tablet
  Neijing Changtong Tablet
  Sour Orange Huang Tablet
  Perfect food for liver diseases
  Chinese Quince Gutong Tablet
  Longyanming Tablet
  Zhuhongmingmu Eye Drop
  Nine dragons special treasure tablets specification
  Lingzhi Spores Capsules
  Cordyceps Capsules
  Propolis Capsules


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Baoan Rd., Shenzhen, China
          Shenzhen Baozhiyuan Health Products Co., Ltd is emerging as an energetic new enterprise, which specializes in the R&D of “MF-Stone” Chinese traditional medicine health products as well as congeneric products of other companies.
We have close cooperation with organizations such as CAS Beijing Nutriment Research Institute, CATCM, Health Science Center of Peking University, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Medical and Science Research Institute, Beijing Shulinge International Medical Research Institute, Beijing Jian He Bor Technology and Trade Co., ltd, Beijing Beiwei Pharmaceuticals LLC, Xi’an Hengmei Science& Technology Developing Co., Ltd,Kunming Qianyansui Biotechnology Co., Ltd,Beijing Langsheng Land Biotechnology Company,etc,which forms the series of R&D, manufacture and marketing.
Our products enjoy a good reputation in the society. Take our key .....

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